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A seemingly endless rock face, fresh summer wind and before you a promising day of climbing between chimneys and intersections. On days like this, we need material that is ROBUST and DURABLE. For the first time, we have therefore combined the extremely light MERINO FLEECE LIGHT with the SCUFF-RESISTANT material made from Cordura®, elastane and polyamide in our new MERINO FLEECE LIGHT TEC HOODIES.
The inside of the hoodie uses soft MERINO WOOL with a fiber diameter of 19.5 microns. The waffle structure on the inside ensures good moisture wicking and feels dry on the skin. The outside is SMOOTH, so the material provides less contact surface. In high-stress areas, which often come into contact with the rugged rocks, the robust Cordura® material is now used. The MATERIAL MIX is therefore perfect for long days of climbing on alpine routes and is a perfect fit for our MERINO SHIELD TEC line.

The ergonomic cut of the light fleece pullover for men provides sufficient freedom of movement for every move on the rock face, no matter how extreme. At the same time, the Cordura® inserts in the underarms and the cuffs provide sufficient protection from rugged rocks. The hood will keep you warm in light winds and when the temperature drops in the evening. In the map pocket you can easily store your map or other small items to which you need quick access. The positioning of the pocket is designed for carrying items while wearing a climbing harness.

Our MERINO FLEECE LIGHT collection is therefore at home in alpine terrain, but is also suitable for everyday use and chilled activities thanks to its casual colors.


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