Brooks Running, is an American company that designs and markets high-performance men’s and women’s running shoes.

Brooks are a well-established and highly respected running and walking shoe brand that we have full confidence in. Having stocked Brooks for a number of years (decades), we are confident with every Brooks sale that our customer will get good bang for their buck in terms of the quality of their shoes. People who wear Brooks, often stay with Brooks, for good reason. They have expertly designed styles that are neutral or supportive, cushioned or a bit firmer, lightweight or a bit denser. Recently, we have been proud to exclusively stock the Brooks: Run Wild Collection, check it out instore and on social media before they all run out of the door!

When out and about along the beach track in Brighton, or walking laps of the Tan (Botanical Gardens, Melbourne), when we see athletes in Brooks they get our silent nod of approval.


We currently stock Adrenaline GTS, Ghost, Glycerin, Bedlam, Levitate and Cascadia’s.

  • S21 AUG EMEA AM3I7753 medium - Brooks
  • Levitate 4 M 110345 39 2 medium - Brooks
  • F20 JULY PORTLAND 32926 medium - Brooks
  • F20 JUN PORTLAND Glycerin 18 0555 - Brooks
  • Ghost12 1080x1080 medium - Brooks
  • F20 OCT CHILE 20190929 Brooks Aaron 2318 medium - Brooks
  • F19 APR LA 01296 medium - Brooks
  • F20 FEB MUNICH 24 B8I0857 medium - Brooks
  • F20 JUN PORTLAND Ghost 13 2016 medium - Brooks
  • F19 APR LA 01297 medium - Brooks
  • F20 S21 AUG PORTLAND 4181 medium - Brooks
  • F20 JUN PORTLAND Ghost 13 0324 medium - Brooks
  • - Brooks


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