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Get outside in Gear for Her. By Her.  – Explore Kari Traa’s award-winning hiking pants, merino and wool base layers, jackets, vests – these are great for any outdoor adventure!

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Discover the Essence of Kari Traa

Kari Traa, founded by the Olympic freestyle skier Kari Traa herself, is celebrated for its commitment to quality, performance, and design specifically tailored for women. With roots in the rugged Norwegian landscape, Kari Traa’s products are crafted to meet the highest standards of functionality and style.

Our Exclusive Collection

Base Layers

Our range features the perfect base layers, essential for any outdoor enthusiast. These base layers are crafted from premium materials to ensure warmth, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, making them ideal for skiing or as a versatile underlayer to wear with a vest.

Hiking Pants

We offer award-winning hiking pants renowned for their durability, comfort, and innovative design. These pants are perfect for any hiking adventure, providing the functionality and style you need on the trail.

Jackets, Coats, Vests, Beanies and more

Our selection of jackets is designed for ultimate comfort and performance, whether you’re a mum watching your kids play soccer or enjoying any outdoor winter sport. These jackets combine practicality with a chic aesthetic, ensuring you stay warm and stylish.

Unmatched Performance and Comfort

Whether you’re hitting the slopes, embarking on a hiking adventure, or enjoying outdoor activities, Kari Traa’s activewear provides the comfort and performance you need. Experience the best in women’s activewear with our exclusive collection.


Elevate your activewear game with the unique blend of Scandinavian design and superior functionality that only Kari Traa can offer.

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