Wide selection of durable and multifunctional outdoor clothing.


It is a brand we are proud to have stocked for a long time, and we intend to stock for a long time coming. We see their message and work paramount in the climate we find ourselves in, in terms of unfair labour, ecological crisis and fast fashion waste. When customers come asking for something that is functional, good quality and reasonably priced- Patagonia sells itself. A brand that doesn’t compromise its values, or quality, customers can be confident with their Patagonia purchases that they can get a long life out of their gear through the Worn Wear program which repairs products often for no price.
Purposeful fashion is something that we at Sports Conscious rally behind, and we love being able to sell quality products that contribute to protecting our planet as members of 1% for the Planet, and protect human lives supporting Fair Trade work.

Many of the materials Patagonia uses are recycled, organic or repurposed with sustainability at the core of their ideology and passion.

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No doubt when you think of Patagonia, you think about Synchilla Fleece Pullovers or their iconic FitsRoy Logo Panel tees. Rest assured we have plenty (for now)! If you are looking for a rain jacket, a tee shirt, a bum-bag, some trackies or a puffer, you’ll find a stylish article that you can wear with pride and admiration from Patagonia. To learn more about what Patagonia do, and their activism, visit their website


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