Canada Goose


Stay covered with field-tested designs for unparalleled protection in the coldest places.

Timeless coats, jackets and parkas from iconic Canadian brand, Canada Goose, are like wearing a warm hug from a friend. Customers enjoy the warmth and durability of Canada Goose for Melbourne’s wintery days, for après ski up at the snow, or when standing around at the kid’s footy matches in the freezing cold.

Another brand that sells itself, you just have to wear it to feel how warm they are and look in the mirror to see how elegant yet robust they are. As an outer coat- they don’t get any better than Canada Goose.

Currently, we have a big range of stock; Woolford, Sandford, Aliston, Cabri, Cheateau Parka, Langford, Rossclair, Resomont, Shelburne, and more styles for men and women. We advise, the best to visit our store at 50 Church Street, Brighton.

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