When to Replace Your Runners?

With Victorians enduring another lockdown, many of us are lacing up our walking or running shoes to clock some COVID kilometres and shed those COVID kilos. 

Just like many dogs in Bayside, your runners are getting tired too! But how can you tell when it is finally time for a new pair?

Most runners are designed to last around 400 – 800 kms, however depending on how frequently you use them this could take anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

Other factors that can reduce your shoe’s lifespan are the terrain, runner’s build and gait.

Hot Tip! You can use exercise apps like Strava to log your shoes and track your walks and runs, the app will then tell you when it is time for a new pair!

When to Replace:

    1. Discomfort – Blisters or rubbing from frayed or split stitching 
    2. Signs of wear – If your toes are poking holes in the end of your shoes or you are spilling over the sides, you may need a different size or width in your next pair 
    3. Fatigue – New pain in your shins, knees or feet because the foam in the midsole is compressed and no longer spongey 
    4. Bald tread – Like car tyres, this makes your runners no longer grippy and you risk slipping over
    5. Heel Counter softening- when the support cup around your heel breaks down and looses its firmness

Although your runners may look or feel ‘just fine’, you will be amazed with the comfort and performance of a new pair and not to mention reduce your risk of injury! 

If you are still unsure whether it is time for a new pair, bring them in and ask us or call up and send us a photo! We are here to help, happy to chat and still open for pick-up only. 

Stay safe and happy exercising.