It feels like almost everyone has experienced some kind of foot pain. Walking or standing all day on concrete surfaces, often in flimsy shoes, has left many people suffering from blisters, pain, and even more serious problems like plantar fasciitis. Whilst many people know that a good way to relieve some of that pain and help your feet out is to get a quality, supportive shoe, a shoe is only one part of the equation.

For the best results, get a quality shoe that suits your purposes and make sure it’s shaped to fit your foot. Then, grab an insole. Not to be confused with orthotics, insoles simply provide extra support for the parts of your feet that see the most wear and tear. Whilst insoles aren’t for everybody, most people could benefit from the added support they provide. Finally, make sure you grab a comfortable, moisture-wicking sock. Whilst most people don’t think about their socks and simply pick some up from the supermarket, a well-made sock can make a huge difference to the comfort of your feet.

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Written by Imogen Fox.